We strongly believe that the foundations of a successful recruitment partnership, with our clients across the East Midlands and Yorkshire, are based upon our effort and determination at the outset to understand who our clients are – in terms of their business culture, their product/services, and ultimately what they want from us as a recruitment partner. Attention to detail and listening – key areas in which we excel.

Initially, we will offer you a FREE OF CHARGE ‘Client Needs Analysis’ – with no obligation to buy, to assess your needs.

Our Client Needs Analysis is an in depth analysis of what you’ve got, and what you might need.

We can work with you to provide large volume recruitment, workforce management and relationship building, through supporting management on site and implementing Health & Safety initiatives. We could also provide you with an MHE trainer FOC and dedicated to your site.

For our Onsite / Managed Services clients we provide dedicated support via experienced teams who are in turn supported by our branch/office networks and who have the local recruitment experience that you are looking for. They will tailor initiatives locally to help support you, with the aim of making you the Employer of Choice in the area.

From an account management point of view we have 50+ years of onsite experience and we can provide you with the appropriate mix of Director/management level support, contract manager(s) and coordinator(s) delivering senior management and director-level support and advice.

To help attract and retain stronger staff and workforce relationships we can help you boost your branding, and make you, and the support you offer, more visible, through initiatives such as social media coverage, branded PPE, PR (free of charge) and other local initiatives at no extra cost.

We can deliver MI/SLA/KPI reporting on a weekly basis and help you maintain compliance* and high levels of client satisfaction *we even have our own inhouse compliance team!

We are also able to offer Master Vendor options and implementation, if that is of interest, working closely and professionally with other agency partners – improving efficiencies with invoicing, payroll and operations, and allowing you to focus on your business.

All of these activities, working in partnership with you, mean that you will be saving time and money.

Ultimately, our aim is that our clients can ‘park’ their recruitment needs with us, and allow them to concentrate on their own business – the theory being “you’re experts in what you do, but we are the experts in onsite recruitment, so let us handle this for you”.

Health & Safety Manager

“This is absolutely fantastic work from yourself driving the new requirements of our company and the Sky Recruitment Solutions team in making it happen, this is definitely a benchmark all other agencies should be aiming for and be envious of by:

  1. Looking after employees safety on assignments through training and awareness.
  2. Creating a two way working relationship that can only grow and achieve longevity.

Keep up the good work!”

Health & Safety Manager - Manufacturing

Phil Bryant

“I have had the pleasure of working with Sky Recruitment Solutions, in particular Beckie since January 2019.

In this time, I have found them very helpful, attentive; nothing is too much trouble and have fulfilled all my temporary staffing needs since we have worked together.

On average Sky supplies us with 2/3 members of staff a day. To help with our regular reworking contract, which has tight deadlines to meet and since we have worked with Sky, we have not missed one.

In particular we had 4 weeks’ worth of reworking that needed to be done within a week due to a mix up in-house and our daily requirement of 2/3 workers was nowhere near enough, we needed 15/16 people a day to meet this deadline. Sky came through with the numbers we needed, the deadline was met, and our clients were very impressed we how we dealt with the situation. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without Beckie and Sky.

As a freight forwarder we have special requirements that need to be adhered to before we can let anyone onsite to work for us, such as various background checks, employment history, etc.

We cannot just take anyone off the street, which makes life difficult for Sky to meet our requirements but repeatedly they have.

I would highly recommend SKY Recruitment to anyone who has temporary or permanent staffing needs.”

Phil Bryant
Distribution Manager, Freight Fowarding

Rachel Morley

“We have been working with Sky Recruitment Solutions as a Preferred Supplier for nearly 5 years for all of our Temporary, Permanent and Interim recruitment needs.
During this period of time the team at Sky have spent time in our business getting a broad understanding of our culture and values to allow them to make valuable contributions and placements that match our recruitment needs.

Sky have always fulfilled our expectations which includes the collection and verification of information for a 5 year pre-employment check for all candidates. As a Department for Transport Regulated Agent it is vitally important that we obtain accurate and complete information as part of our strict compliance procedures.

This assistance service from Sky in the initial data collection allows us to operate quickly and efficiently as all candidates who arrive for interview will have been correctly vetted through Sky at the beginning of the selection process.

Sky have the reputation of finding the right candidate for any role they work on; their superb knowledge of logistics staff has allowed us to have access to the candidates we are looking for.

Thank you Sky Recruitment Solutions.”

Rachel Morley
General Manager, Freight Forwarding